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Cloud Backup & Data Loss Avoidance For Your Business

Enhance your existing data protection, mitigate information risk and ensure access to critical information with backup as a service and cloud backup services

A reliable local backup is a great first step to protecting your business’s most valuable assets but leaves your data vulnerable to local disasters such as office flooding or fires and does little to protect your data from human incidents and cyberthreats that cause data loss.

Combining your local backup with a reliable cloud backup engine like Veeam Cloud Connect and a reliable Cloud service like Microsoft Azure helps enhance data protection, mitigate information risk and ensure access to critical information when you need it the most.


Microsoft Azure. Secure, reliable storage for your critical data

Microsoft Azure provides a secure, cost effective and reliable storage platform for your critical data. It doesn’t require any additional infrastructure, and helps to keep your data safe from ransomware with multiple security and authentication layers.

Microsoft Azure helps you:

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Costs: Eliminate the need for tape or an offsite backup with Backup. Get cost-effective short- and longterm retention, and restore the individual VMs, files, and folders you need — in Azure or on-premises — at no additional cost.
  • Gain efficiency and scalability: Once the initial seeding is complete, only incremental changes are sent based on a defined schedule. Built-in compression helps limit network utilization and throttling shapes thenetwork traffic.
  • Guard against data loss from ransomware: Protect your data from ransomware with Backup without leaving the Azure portal. Enable multifactor authentication, create alerts for suspicious online backup activity, and counteract unauthorized retention or deletions.

Ensure your Office 365 Data is always available

Backup for Microsoft Office 365 enables IT professionals to back up email data to on-premises environments or in Microsoft Azure. Allowing quick recovery of individual mailbox items with enterprise-class granularity and efficient eDiscovery of email archives.

Azure Cloud to Cloud backup also helps you meet compliance requirements. With an Office 365 backup, you can keep your email data as long as you need, and store data based on long-term retention policies for regulatory or compliance needs.